Offensive Security

Full-scoped Red Teaming Engagements

Comprehensive and in-depth security testing exercise that simulates a real-world attack on an organization’s infrastructure, applications, and personnel. It involves a team of skilled and experienced professionals who take on the role of attackers and attempt to breach the organization’s defenses by using a variety of techniques such as social engineering, phishing, physical operations and network exploitation.

Assumed Breach Engagements

It is the widely held belief among industry experts that every organization will, at some point, encounter a successful breach in some form. In order to be ready for this likelihood and to create a comprehensive remediation plan to tackle any visibility gaps, Noibit replicates the activities that follow a compromise, as well as the various types of lateral movements that typically accompany a specific threat event.

Penetration Tests (Web and Mobile Applications)

Noibit’s Application Penetration Testing hardens your applications against the most sophisticated modern threats. With decades of experience in application security, we can identify the complete range of vulnerabilities, including obscure and easily overlooked exposures that automated methods and less experienced assessors may not detect.

Public Cloud Assessments

We ensure that Cloud services are being deployed and utilized in accordance with, and in adherence to, leading best practices, minimizing the exposure of information systems to loss or degradation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Purple Teaming Engagements

At Noibit, we employ both Red Team consultants (attackers) and Blue Team consultants (defenders). The Red Team’s objective is to evade security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems. The Blue Team, on the other hand, collaborates with an organization’s defensive team to assess their capability to identify, prevent, or mitigate the attack.


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