Security Through Intelligent Automation

When great, experienced professionals come together to build a better future, something exciting is about to happen. Noibit was founded by three passionate cyber security veterans with over 40 years of experience in digital security.

We bring a strong combination of offensive, defensive, and inteligence services together.

Not only that we can attack environments but we also know how to design and build them. Our team lives and breathes with DevOps principles and we have experinece designing complex environments for our customers. Starting from ground up with cloud and/or on-premise world, ending with CI/CD pipelines ready to serve your application workload.

Our core strength lies in combination of both infrastructure makers and attackers tearing it apart,
all this makes Noibit an ally to any organization working to develop and improve their Security and IT.

Who we are?

  • We are privately owned, Czech Republic based Cyber Security company

  • We are proudly independent and agnostic – not linked to any vendor or product

  • We have many years of security experience from various sectors (research, development, banking retail, telco, gaming, ...).

  • We benefit by our extensive background in various IT areas

What we are doing?


  • Red Teaming (end-to-end threat emulation)

  • Blue Teaming (data driven security analytics and detection)

  • Purple Teaming (trainings / tailored cyber gym)

  • Security Consultancy

Red Team Operations

  • Unique approach based on long term expertise and capabilities

  • We go beyond standard penetration testing

  • Our goal is to provide holistic simulation of advanced threat actors

  • Exercise your defensive capabilities at all levels

  • Use adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to provide a realistic assessment of the true risk posed by an attack

  • Help you transition into "assume breach” mentality

Red Team methodologies

  • OSINT – to help you know what bad actors can gather from accessible data resources

  • HUMINT – to test your resistance against phishing attacks and social engineering

  • Adversary simulation exercises – infrastructure and application workload – either external and/or internal

  • Physical Security – to check your readiness against physical perimeter evasion technics leveraging socio-techniques and physical intrusions assessments

Blue Teaming Operations

  • Security services based on Big Data

  • Full visibility

  • Cost effective (human resources)

  • Resilient to human errors

  • Based on data driven analytics

  • Built-in SOC and SIEM with advanced Machine Learning capabilities

  • Focused on SecOps workflows and automation

  • Aligned with security frameworks (NIST CSF, MITRE ATT&CK)

Purple Teaming

  • Benefit from combination of Blue and Red paths

  • Assisted simulation of attack and defense

  • Prepare your team’s readiness and stronger your capabilities to react as one team

  • Confirm efficiency of existing IR process if exists within Purple Teaming

  • Help to design and implement IR process if does not exist yet


  • Help you to be Secure but still Agile

  • Cloud Native

  • Automated Security for CI/CD pipelines without trade-offs for your business workload

  • Either Public, Private and/or Hybrid Cloud environments

  • Secure Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless

Custom Cyber Security Services

  • Analyze current state

  • Identify gaps

  • Help to Plan / Design the custom-tailored solution serious of changes

  • Build and Deploy your own services

  • Training for your OPS teams

How do we differ

  • Selling experience and skillset not tied to any products (technology/vendor agnostic)

  • We use custom, battle hardened tools, handpicked for customer best fit

  • We do not sell next generation shiny blinking boxes

  • We're not doing audits

  • We will introduce you an automated flavor of security to become an integral part of your DevOps lifecycle

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We're regularly visiting conferences and love to talk about all things security. Below is a list of upcoming conferences we plan to attend.

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